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We are residential architects

Our projects include new houses, alterations and additions. While most of our work is in the metropolitan Washington DC region, we do an increasing amount of out-of-town work, with projects in Maine, Mississippi, and rural Virginia.

We are green architects

At the turn of the millennium, we committed our practice to sustainable design. Since that time we have been making homes with a smaller carbon footprint, filled with non-toxic, recycled materials. They are comfortable and durable. Our Passive Houses are taking this to the next level, using only 10% of the heating and cooling energy of a standard home. We’ve just launched our Passive House Blog to follow the progress of our Passive House project in Bethesda, Maryland.

Our primary concerns are fine design and sustainability

We put equal emphasis upon each of these words. Because we come from a design background, we care deeply about beauty, harmony and proportion. Because climate change is a moral and ethical issue, we care deeply about sustainability. In our view aesthetics should not compromise sustainability, and sustainability should not compromise aesthetics. We believe that small is generally better than large, that quality is more important than quantity, and that sustainable design is a necessary element in any project, regardless of scale.

We engage our clients as true partners in the design process. Choices regarding design, energy and health are presented in clear, understandable terms, and grounded in accurate construction cost data. Our goal is a home, built with proportion and care, which reflects our client’s real lifestyle, and supports the health of its occupants as well as the larger environment.

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The Greenhaus team at work

How We Work

In each project we make an effort to fit the new element to its larger environment. This may mean a new room to its house, a new house to its neighborhood, or a country house to its landscape. Whatever the scale, the relationship between the part and the whole is key.

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Frequently Asked Questions about green design and about working with Peabody Architects.