Smaller Projects

kitchen range

Updating a Kitchen - Sustainably

After ten years of using the original 1955 kitchen, the owners had worn it out. They renovated and enlarged it, taking in space from the adjacent carport for a breakfast area, and adding a deck. They attempted to do all of this in a sustainable way.

Solar collector on the roof provides hot water

A Row House Reduces its Carbon Footprint

A 1910 row house in Old Town Alexandria was uncomfortably hot upstairs in the summertime. Additionally, the flat roof had chronic leaks. When the air conditioning went out in the summer of 2007, the owners decided to tackle an integrated, whole-house, energy upgrade.

sunroom exterior

A Sunroom that Upgrades the Whole House

This client came to us with a seemingly simple request: a sunroom. But they also had a host of energy and design issues they wanted us to address.

kitchen windows let the sun shine in

Kitchen in Northwest DC

The owners of this 1930’s English cottage in northwest Washington DC love to cook, entertain frequently, and wanted a kitchen that could be part of the party.

bathroom sink

A New Bath in Old Town

Imagine living in a one-bedroom townhouse, built-in the 19th century. Naturally, you’d hire an architect to give you more space. Not so these clients — they were satisfied with the quantity of space: just under 1250 square feet. Instead they wanted to change the quality of space.